Prescription and Non-Prescription Weight Loss Options are Here!!!


If your goal is to lose weight and failed in the past our  experienced medical team at Holos Medical Spa can help.  We offer prescription and non-prescription medical weight-loss programs with proven success that helps you reach your goal weight with ease. Call and speak to one of our medical team members and set up your personal schedule to set you on your journey to weight loss today. 

Prescription Weight Loss

There are a wide variety of prescription weight loss options.  You will first have a medical visit/consultation to identify your weight loss goals and which medication is best for you.  We then support you with questions and concerns along the way.  You will have a formal quarterly visit as well.

Prescription medications include: Ozempic, Mounjaro, Phentermine, Contrave, Qsymia, Metformin, Plenity, DHEA and specialty compounded medications made just for you.  We do work with compounding pharmacies that can deliver right to your door. 

Consultation: $300
Quarterly visit: $200

Skinny Shot:

Lipotropic B12 injections are designed to help with weight loss and increasing energy levels.  These fat burning injections help your body breakdown stored fat and give you a boost of energy.  Lipotropic shots may also help to support liver function and promote the excretion of fat.  We have found that the skinny shot tends to decrease side effects from the GLP-1 medications as well.

Single shot: $30
Package of four: $100
Add on the prescription weight loss program: $20 per shot