About Us

Holos Medical Spa was founded in 2021 with a vision to provide Waco the best cosmetic and laser treatments available.

Holos Medical Spa will not only be a place for skin and hair rejuvenation but overtime home to a variety of wellness modalities that will help complete and enhance the real you!

Our Specialists

This vision has been cultivated by Tamara Dutter, MD and Severine Whittier, RN, MSN, CRNA.  DR. Dutter is a board certified physician/ anesthesiologist with over many years of experience including several years of pain management.


Severine is an advanced practice nurse in anesthesia with years of critical care experience. We are passionate about pain control and have the training, the skills and the tools needed to get you through your procedure as comfortable as possible. They come together to make this vision a reality.

Tamara Dutter, MD

Severine Whittier, RN, MSN, CRNA

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